Haanja vald

Administrative origin: Võru county, Republic of Estonia

Area of the parish: 170 km²

Neighbours: Rõuge, Võru, Vastseliina and Misso parishes in Estonia and Veclaitsene and Ziemeri parishes in Latvia.

Population by 01.01.2016: 1107

Center of parish:
Haanja village, 65101, Võru county
Phone: +372 782 9111
E-mail: vald@haanja.ee  



Coat of arms
The coat of arms is on the blue shield with the curved golden base that has on it  three green firs and  golden tower with jags, flagpole and vertical windows.
The flag of parish is square coat of arms flag. Normal size of the flag is 105 x 105 cm. 

The central shapes of the coat of arms are curved golden base and golden tower rising from it. They symbolize beautiful nature of the Haanja uplands and the highest point of Estonia and all Baltic states - Suur-Munamaägi hill with the observation tower. Green firs refer to rich nature of the parish, part of which is declared to be Nature Park. Blue is the color of homeland's sky and water, golden is the symbol of grainfields and wealth.