Haanja vald

H-Central Ltd – CEO Urmas Kalda, phone +372 5050521, office phone +372 7828435, fax +372 7828436, E-mail hcentral@estpak.ee
Manufacture and transportation of wood chips, wool and saw dust; transportation and chop up of logging waste; cargo transport in Estonia;

PW Detail LLC – CEO Janek Säde, phone +372 5112108, fax +372 7860936, E-mail janek@pwdetail.fi
Manufacture of furniture and details of upholstered furniture;

Meisli LLC – CEO Mati Pilt, phone +372 5055884, E-mail meisli@hot.ee, website www.meisli.eu
Manufacture of metal fences, gates, stairs; blacksmith works; metal stamping;

Loyde LLC – CEO Helju Trumm, phone +372 5242760, office phone +372 7872268, E-mail loyde10@hot.ee
Hog-raising, dairy cattle raising, milk manufacture.

Ööbiksaare Palkmajad LLC - CEO Aivar Jallai, phone +372 5114215, E-mail aililaul@hot.ee  
Manufacture and construction of log houses.

Johni Apelsinike OÜ produces artisanal confectionery under their brand name JoniJon. Our specialities include flavorful candied Nordic vegetables, and candied citruses. With the deepest respect to the produce, we use whole foods and traditional handicraft knowhow. johniapelsinike@gmail.com or find JoniJon in Facebook!