Haanja vald

Suur Munamägi
The highest point of Estonia, Suur Munamägi (318 m, at the foot of the hill 62 m) is situated in the southern part of Haanja village. There is a permanent exhibition introducing the nature reserves of Võru County in the observation tower at the top of the hill, built in 1939 and reconstructed in 1969.

To the present knowledge, it was already in 1816 that the hill displayed its first tower (F.R. Struwe built a triangulation tower for surveying Livonia), in 1870 Mr Tuul, an innkeeper of Haanja Manor put up an 8 m observation tower, in 1890 the locals did the same (12 m), in 1925 (17 m) and in 1939 (25.7 m) it was the Võru County Government that erected the tower. During the 1969 renovations, another floor was added to the tower, and the height of the present tower reaches 29.1 metres.

To the south-east from the foot of Suur Munamägi one finds Lake Vaskna which was formed from Kalevipoeg’s (Kalev’s son) footsteps according to a legend, and to the south one finds the lake of Tuuljärv – the highest lake in Estonia above sea level (257 m). There are several noteworthy hills beside Vällamägi in the vicinity of Suur Munamägi, all rising above 190 m: Kerekunnu Hill 296 m, Tsälbämägi 193 m, Harakamägi 291 m, and Rohtesoo Hill 291 m. There are cross-country ski trails at Haanja and in the distance of 6 km at Kurgjärve. The Haanja rolling country is an invitation to skiers, and snow lasts here until spring!

Additional information: www.suurmunamagi.ee.


Plaani, south of Haanja, boasts of a colourful Orthodox Church of St Nicholas, built in 1873. The church stands empty at the moment but is to be restored in the near future.

Vällamägi hill
Vällamägi, the second highest hill of Estonia, covered in virgin forest is situated in Haanjamaa, north of Suur Munamägi. The hill is 304 m above sea level, and 84 m from its foot. The slopes are very steep in most places. The hill has a signposted hiking trail and a quality hostel for hikers. The Estonian biggest bog with a 17 m thick peat deposit, and several small transition mires which probably used to be lakes at one time are found at the hill top. People say about the mysterious and unique Vällamägi that the hill foretells weather: when the hill is emitting steam, or “smoking” in dry weather, rain will soon be coming.

Uue-Saaluse, Lake Kavadi and Häälimägi
There is a 5 km hiking trail towards the north-east, at Uue-Saaluse, running around Lake Kavadi, a most beautiful lake with lots of bends and the total area of 28 ha, the deepest place 8 m, and the height 212 m above sea level. The lake attained its present shape in the second half of the 19th century when the local lord of the manor decided to dam up several smaller bog lakes.

The protected Uue-Saaluse Park stretches sharply into the lake on the north shore, the park holds also the ruins of the manor house. The last lord of the manor was Baron von Maydell, in 1919 the manor was nationalised, and only the granary of the manor has survived.

A mighty dome, Häälimägi (274 m) rises south of the lake, Miilimägi in the west, Antsumägi in the north-west, and Servämägi in the north-east next to Lake Alajärve of Saaluse. There are tourist farms, a bathing and a camping site nearby.

Rogosi manor
Rogosi was first mentioned in 1591, in 1603 the place was acquired by S. Rogosinsky of Polish origin, and the manor was called after its owner. In 1776-1919 the place was owned by the von Glasenapp family, and the contemporary ground plan originates from their time. In 1926/29 the manor house fell into disuse, but in the autumn of 1934, Pütsepa Primary School began using the manor (presently Ruusmäe schoolhouse of Haanja Basic School). Restoration of the manor complex started in 1989-1991, and the work is still going on. The former bell tower accommodates a small local history museum, and the complex includes a guesthouse as well.

Open: 01st July - 31st August, Tue-Sun 12.00-17.00


Haanja Holiday and Sports Centre.

Address: Haanja village, Haanja  parish, Võru County

Skiing slopes and cross-country skiing tracks in Haanja are suitable both for beginners and experienced skiers. The skiing tracks are 1 km, 2 km, 3 km and 5 km long. Lighted tracks run for 2 km and 3.2 km and are open until 9 pm. The holiday centre also rents skis. Outside ski season, the skiing tracks in Haanja are suitable for cycling and hiking.  Skiing tracks are free of charge and open 24 h.

Haanja Holiday and Sports Centre is open:

Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Sunday :  11:00 - 21:00
Friday , Saturday :  11:00 - 23:00


  •  Site lighting
  •   Toilet
  • WiFi 
  • Free parking

Additional services:

  • ·         Meals – pub Finish
  • ·         Seminars
  • ·         Sauna complex
  • ·         Changing rooms and showers
  • ·         Instructor
  • ·         Ski equipment rental